What do we want to achieve?


Dwagulu-Dekkente vzw is an organization for development education with the goal to enforce the dynamics of international and intercultural solidarity among young people.

Dwagulu-Dekkente vzw works with young people from different angles:


To bring knowledge about global relations in the world we live in today:

Every year young people gain more insights in North – South relations and the importance of sustainable development. Through education in preparatory weekends they acquire more knowledge about North – South proportions.


Intercultural learning and imaging:

Young people assimilate intercultural knowledge and skills, so that they can try to deal with cultural difference on a conscious and nuanced way. In the route we strive for more nuanced and substantiated imaging regarding North – South, intercuturality, sustainable development…


After the awareness process, young people make steps to proceed to action. They bring their own environment in contact with their knowledge and skills about interculturality and sustainable development. In this way they contribute in the widening of the support level for international solidarity and cooperation (multipliers effect and engagement).

Volunteers go through an active participation process within the organization. By being a part of an organization culture they too go through a learning process.