Vision and Mission

Vision: What do we see?

Today, more than ever, we are confronted with challenges in our society who put pressure upon the carrying capacity and sustainability of our planet. These challenges must be faced globally, and are inevitably bound with one other. The whole globe, North and South are more than ever connected and dependent of each other. The emphasis of our story lies in interdependence, with mutual responsibility. The young people of today have a very important role in this; they are the future!

Dwagulu-Dekkente is a youth organization for and by young people (ownership!). Everyone has the right to basic needs such as education, health, water and food (security). However ¾ of the world population currently have no access to all social basic facilities.

We observe that every part of the earth is connected with another part, they bear each other’s consequences both economically and ecologically. North and South are not two separated entities but are more connected and in need of each other more than ever.

We are convinced that it is a mutual responsibility to treat our earth in a sustainable way and to support people in their realization of their basic needs.

We encounter young people whom are more aware of this interdependence and the necessity to redistribution and thereby live and consume more conscious, in solidarity with people and regions who struggle.

We see a lot of engagement and initiatives emerge who bring people together and carry out solidarity. We see Young people who want to make a change.

Mission: What is our dedication?

As youth organization we target young people and their environment, both in the North as in the South. We work closely together with partners in the South. Reciprocity and ownership are the core values of our organization.

We want to sensitize young people on sustainable development by encouraging social engagement. Through education we bring them in contact with all sorts of social organizations, people and ideas who make them think and stimulate their further social engagement. 

We want to provide information and education about inequality in the world and the interdependence between North and South. Education, for us, is essential in awareness of the causes of injustice. This awareness is necessary for useful engagement.

We want to make young people more aware about their place and role in our current society, and in the world.

Therefore we organize profound exchange between cultures, in the hopes this will form a base for concrete solidarity and mutual understanding and respect.

Furthermore we want to make young people aware about their own cultural background, worldview and frame of reference. This all so that they can experience the existence of other worldviews and frames of references, so hopefully these young people can look at all of this without condemning any of it.

Finally we want to extend the vision and mission of our organization to the wider public, together with the young people.